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There are many rehabs all over the world. But why would you even consider going abroad to a rehab center? We will explain it in this article. Moreover, we have selected the 5 best rehab centers in the world in this article.

Why go to rehab abroad?

There are many different reasons why someone goes to rehab abroad. The following are some benefits of going to rehab in another country.

  • The majority of rehab centres abroad, including those in Thailand, are in serene settings in the woods or mountains with a tropical climate. This may have positive psychological effects.
  • Rehab abroad is almost always less expensive than rehab in a western nation.
  • You will get the chance to take part in a variety of fresh, alternative, and Eastern-inspired therapies that are typically unavailable in western nations.
  • You can choose to let others know that you went on vacation, such as your friends or coworkers.
  • Rehab and vacations are both possible.
  • A foreign treatment programme can be mentally beneficial.
  • Your early days of rehabilitation will be fondly recalled.
  • You will be totally cut off from your regular surroundings and stressors.
  • The duration of your stay will be private and confidential

The best rehab centers in the world

We have given the reasons why to go to rehab abroad. However, there are an infinite amount of options. Therefore, we have listed the 5 best rehab centers in the world to narrow down your options.

1. Villa Paradiso Spain

Villa Paradiso Spain is one of the best rehab centers located in Marbella, Spain. Their custom programmes created by qualified therapists. Everyone should have the option to be involved in the planning and results of their treatment because, in the opinion of Villa Paradiso Rehab Spain, everyone is an individual.

The experts at the addiction treatment centre Villa Paradiso in Spain will assist you with both the mental and physical aspects of your addiction or issue. Furthermore, they will assist you in regaining control over your life and in your efforts to overcome the “feeling of defeat.” They will support you along the way, giving you the self-assurance and conviction that “you can face your demons and vanquish them.”

Villa Paradiso Spain starts dealing with your addiction by enhancing your sense of self and how you fit into the world so that you can get stronger, learn new coping mechanisms, and regain control of your life. This is accomplished by utilising a variety of psychological therapies, such as consistent 1:1 therapy sessions, group therapy and workshops.

Furthermore, The title for Best Rehab in Europe 2022 has been given to Villa Paradiso Spain, which is situated on a stunning stretch of beach in Spain. Villa Paradiso Spain has “true Luxury Rehab status” and “retains a leading clinical team delivering bespoke treatment in spectacular surroundings,” according to Worlds Best Rehab Magazine.

The price for Villa Paradiso Spain is approximately €20.000 for a four-week treatment.

2. Hacienda Paradiso

Hacienda Paradiso is the last of the 5 best rehab centers and is located in Málaga, Spain. In a setting with a strong inherent connection to nature, Hacienda Paradiso offers detox and residential addiction treatment. Alcohol, drug abuse, and co-occurring mental health disorders can all be treated discreetly and without judgement by clients. “Many people are looking for a chance to come closer to nature, and Hacienda Paradiso is part of this movement, in contrast to the tendency towards urbanisation and commercialization.” Detoxification, cognitive behavioural treatment (CBT), leisure therapy, and group therapy are all included in a stay at Hacienda. Additionally, Hacienda Paradiso is the world’s first eco rehab. They provide guests with access to a lovely on-site eco market where they can enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Hacienda Paradiso coexists with the neighbouring ecosystems inside a national park in Málaga, Spain, in a region of remarkable natural beauty. There is an immediate sense of peace in the lovely Villa. The open layout, excellent weather, nearby hiking, biking, yoga, fitness, and on-site pool will all be appreciated by visitors.

Hacienda Paradiso won the Worlds Best Rehab award for the Best Affordable rehab in Europe, besting over 30 other treatment facilities in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, and Spain.

The price for Hacienda Paradiso is approximately €10.000 for a four-week treatment.

3. Paracelsus

Paracelsus is a rehab center with 2 centers, one in Switzerland and one in the United Kingdom, and is the most expensive rehab in the world. Depending on the medical condition, travel choices, and available time for each client, they provide a variety of different treatment programme options. Their first priority is always developing the most customised programme to assist you in making the biggest, most long-lasting improvements to your circumstance. The costs include a specialised team of up to 15 specialists who use a 360-degree strategy. Furthermore, they customize your particular needs and only handle one customer at a time. In addition, Paracelsus collaborates with psychologists and psychiatrists. They all have had training in EMDR, CBT, behavioural therapy, trauma, and other therapeutic modalities.

The programmes of Paracelsus include all therapeutic services related to mental health and addiction, a live-in therapist available around-the-clock, extensive medical health assessments, a dedicated limousine and driver, freshly prepared meals prepared in accordance with your individual meal plan, a butler and housekeeping services, and a concierge to arrange recreational activities.

The price for Paracelsus rehab is approximately €370.000 for a five-week treatment.


Lake Lucerne

NEOVIVA is located in Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Patients at NEOVIVA receive high-quality, tailored treatment plans catered to their unique needs, with a client-to-staff ratio of 1:3 and a maximum of 5 customers at a time. The signature 28-day treatment at NEOVIVA uses a mix of group therapy, one-on-one counselling, and somatic therapy to address the root causes of the addiction. treatments for depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions using techniques like rTMS to reduce cravings. They also include health practises like yoga, qigong, and breath control in their precisely calibrated programme to encourage mindfulness and nervous system control.

For CEOs with high-profile occupations or self-employed individuals who might feel apprehensive about leaving their business behind for any length of time, NEOVIVA also provides a customised executive programme. To support the simultaneous flow of work and recovery, NEOVIVA offers plenty of office space. Customers can also take advantage of free time to fully enjoy the stunning surroundings and activities Lake Lucerne has to offer. Dogs are welcome and permitted at NEOVIVA because they understand the positive effects pets have on mental health and happiness, particularly during recovery.

The price for NEOVIVA is approximately €92.000 for a four-week treatment.

5. Istana

Istana is also one of the best rehab centers. It is located in Bali. Istana recognises each customer as the distinct individual they are by valuing the full person. Clients learn how to live a happy and successful life devoid of drug abuse through this individualised, comprehensive treatment. Istana’s services give clients the chance to significantly better their lives in a variety of ways, including those related to mental health, addiction, and other issues.

At Istana, clients can count on absolute discretion and privacy. While they are planning their trip to Bali, they begin to receive individualised, one-on-one care. A group of medical and mental health specialists creates a customised treatment plan for each client once they arrive at the villa. A personal chef and holistic healthcare professionals support the therapeutic treatment provided by this team as they navigate the healing process. Additionally, clients can anticipate everyday improvement in their recovery and in resolving underlying issues, which will result in healthy coping strategies and a long-lasting recovery. The chefs at Istana and its recreational activities also provide clients improved nutrition and fitness levels. Istana places a high priority on making rehabilitation enjoyable, and its exotic Bali setting only serves to further this goal. Furthermore, Istana also has a rehab center in Ibiza and Barbados.

The price for Istana is approximately €100.000 for a four-week treatment.

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