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How does a rehab in Spain work? This article will discuss what you can expect from a rehab in Spain, the benefits, admission process and process in the rehab.

Is a rehab center in Spain something for me?

If you finance your own addiction treatment, then in principle all options are open. If you depend on your health insurer, things are slightly different. The clinic in Spain must then have a connection with your national institution. If this is the case, the health insurer will pay for your entire treatment. However, this normally isn’t the case. Furthermore, travel costs are in principle at your own expense, even when insurance covers the treatment.

What to expect from rehab in Spain?

In principle, treatment is no different from admission to a clinic in any other country. The big advantage is the completely new environment you get into. This gives you a kick and helps you look at your own situation in your own country with fresh eyes.

Peace and regularity

Your stay in a rehab clinic should not be seen as punishment. You are well looked after and your living environment is comfortable. In general, you eat in groups where the food is of good quality. Regularity is considered important and you follow a fairly tight schedule that also allows for free time.

Your sleeping accommodation and other facilities

This varies depending on the treatment. There are private clinics in Spain where you stay in a 5* hotel, with all the luxury that implies. You then also get to use all hotel facilities, such as the swimming pool. You sleep in your own hotel room.

In other Spanish clinics, getting your own room is not a given. You may share a room with someone else, sometimes even with several people.

Benefits of rehab in Spain

One of the biggest benefits of treatment in a rehab in Spain is that you are physically away from the environment where your triggers are.

Distancing yourself from your familiar environment helps you avoid the risk of early relapse. So you only have to take the step into your own environment at a time when you are better armed against temptations and triggers.

Benefits of staying in luxury rehab in Spain are:

  • Distance from triggers and temptations
  • Being away from the social circle that facilitates and/or reinforces addictive behaviour
  • Breaking patterns
  • A new environment is inspiring and offers new opportunities
  • High-end rehabs offer opportunities for anonymous rehab and private treatment at the highest level

There comes a time, after a stay in a rehab in Spain, to return home. Subsequently, you will return to your familiar surroundings where you will have to keep fighting consciously. This is to avoid falling into old, destructive patterns.

The therapists in rehab prepare you extensively for this. Tools are taught that will arm you against temptations and triggers. You will also be assisted in your further recovery through an aftercare programme. This programme offer ongoing support and therapy.

Admission process for Spanish rehab centres

There are many different paths to rehab in Spain and we still believe that contacting rehab centres and treatment centres directly is the best way.

You may be referred by your medical specialist or interventionist, but it is worth asking if that doctor or referrer will get a commission for your admission. Be sure not to accept the initial recommendation for a rehabilitation centre in Spain and check out our full list of carefully selected and expertly screened facilities in Spain.

From doing the initial assessment to rehab in Spain, our recommended treatment centres will work with you to understand the nature of the client’s condition and assess whether their facility or treatment models are best suited to individual needs and requirements. Often a client will be located out of state or even internationally, and the rehabilitation team will work closely with other medical and sober transport agencies to ensure a safe and secure transport route to admission.

Process rehab Spain

Any rehab in Spain will guide you through the following process to help you overcome your addiction:

Intake process

During this interview, they will try to assess your situation and you will also be given the space to ask questions.

Detox and detoxification

Depending on your addiction, the first step is often detox; your body needs to detoxify. This can be accompanied by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. During this period of physical discomfort, you will be monitored by medical staff.

Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and sometimes you need medication. As time passes, you start to feel better and better.

On the road to full recovery

After detoxification, we work on your full recovery. You are now clean and it is important to keep it that way.

Therapy and activities: you are generally kept busy in rehab. Besides individual and group therapy, often several sessions a day, there is also plenty of time for relaxation and being with other clients. There is room for sports and creative expression, and you can take part in outings to get to know your new surroundings.

Healthy lifestyle: regularity, good food and good body care are the credos. You eat together and at precise times. The food is often tasty and healthy.

Sleep: You also go to sleep on time. Sleeping is not always done in your own room, sometimes you have to share. On the contrary, other clinics advertise that you get a private room. Ask the clinic about this when you make contact.

Aftercare: You are clean, you are confident and you are making new plans for the future. Now the important thing is to hold on to this new thinking. You have changed, but your environment probably hasn’t. Temptations and triggers then lurk. You will not be the first to lapse into old behaviour when returning to the Netherlands.

Extra support remains necessary: Ideally, you will have learned to deal with those triggers in the clinic, but extra support through aftercare is often needed once back in the Netherlands.

Clinics provide their own interpretation of this aftercare. You might be assigned a coach and keep in touch with one of your practitioners, either on a regular basis or on call, whenever you need it. Skype often offers a solution.

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