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Admitting that you have a problem is difficult enough. There are many choices to be made when you finally decide you’ve had enough and need help. One of the most crucial of these decisions is where to get treatment. A private rehab centre might be the best option for you.

Why choose a private rehab centre?

Anyone who wants to work on their recovery in a high-quality environment. And is willing to pay for it can go to a private rehab centre. Do you need a quiet and beautiful environment so you can get away from everyday life and really focus on yourself? Or are you looking for tailor-made specialised treatment, with individual treatments and lots of personal attention?

For you, a private rehab clinic is a more appropriate choice than a standard clinic, where treatment is usually less individualised and more often in a group setting.

Private rehabs are especially popular with people high up on the social ladder. Such as politicians, celebrities, CEOs, influencers, artists and athletes. Jobs and roles that often involve an above-average amount of pressure, stress and responsibility.

For some, these factors can be a trigger in developing an addiction.

Benefits of private rehab centre


The three main benefits of a private rehab centre are:

  1. Safe environment: a private rehab centre specialise in combining treatment for substance and behavioural addictions at the highest level, with facilities you normally find in 5-star hotels and resorts. The clinic provides a safe environment where you are fully focused on your recovery.
  2. Based abroad: private rehab clinics are often based abroad, such as South Africa, Thailand and Spain. You will find facilities such as swimming pools, sports facilities and leisure and recreational facilities. Healthy and nutritious meals are prepared by professional chefs and you will be provided with a full turn-down and laundry service. Transport to and from an airport is also arranged.
  3. Multidisciplinary approach: a private rehab clinics usually offer a multidisciplinary approach. Experts in the field of addiction, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and holistic and/or system therapists together form a team that looks at and tackles addiction problems from different angles. Together, an individual treatment and development plan is drawn up which is precisely tailored to your specific problems. Individual sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist, sports and exercise, lifestyle and career coaching, meditation and mental relaxation form the basis of treatment.

A private rehab centre is not a holiday

It is very important to remember the purpose of staying in a private rehab centre. Don’t let the beautiful surroundings, (often) good weather and luxurious facilities fool you: recovering from addiction is hard work and definitely not a holiday.

Also, the presence of a good number of professional caregivers does not mean they are going to solve the problem for you. Staying in rehab is a challenging, emotional and tough period.

If you seize the chance of recovery with both hands and dare to confront yourself, chances are you will find the opportunity to completely turn your life around.

Process private rehab centre

Any private rehab will guide you through the following process to help you overcome your addiction:

Intake process

During this interview, they will try to assess your situation and you will also be given the space to ask questions.

Detox and detoxification

Depending on your addiction, the first step is often detox; your body needs to detoxify. This can be accompanied by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. During this period of physical discomfort, you will be monitored by medical staff.

Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and sometimes you need medication. As time passes, you start to feel better and better.

On the road to full recovery

After detoxification, we work on your full recovery. You are now clean and it is important to keep it that way.

Therapy and activities: you are generally kept busy in rehab. Besides individual and group therapy, often several sessions a day, there is also plenty of time for relaxation and being with other clients. There is room for sports and creative expression. Moreover, you can take part in outings to get to know your new surroundings.

Healthy lifestyle: regularity, good food and good body care are the credos. You eat together and at precise times. The food is often tasty and healthy.

Sleep: You also go to sleep on time. Sleeping is not always done in your own room, sometimes you have to share. On the contrary, other clinics advertise that you get a private room. Ask the clinic about this when you make contact.

Aftercare: You are clean, you are confident and you are making new plans for the future. Now the important thing is to hold on to this new thinking. You have changed, but your environment probably hasn’t. Temptations and triggers then lurk. You will not be the first to lapse into old behaviour when returning to the Netherlands.

Extra support remains necessary: Ideally, you will have learned to deal with those triggers in the clinic, but extra support through aftercare is often needed once back in the Netherlands.

Clinics provide their own interpretation of this aftercare. You might be assigned a coach and keep in touch with one of your practitioners, either on a regular basis or on call, whenever you need it. Skype often offers a solution.

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