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Not everyone ends up in a drug rehabilitation centre just like that. There has to be a real addiction in order to go there, but what exactly is an addiction? You can become addicted in many ways because there are different types of addictions. There are almost always underlying problems. These problems may have caused you to become addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex. Nowadays we also see more and more emerging addictions that are related to the Internet. Gaming, pornography or social media can also cause addiction.


During addiction, there is compulsive and involuntary behaviour. Often, the person knows that the addiction is bad, but stopping can be a daunting task. In addition, there will be significant withdrawal symptoms. In fact, it is an escape from reality to make people forget their problems. Sometimes people manage to stop the addiction themselves. Depending on the type of addiction, physical withdrawal can be over within a few days to a few weeks, but mental dependence can last much longer. In addition, the underlying problems have not yet been resolved. Because of this, many people will fall back into their old behaviour. A rehabilitation centre is therefore the solution.

Reasons for addiction

The underlying problems can be very diverse and are often different for everyone. They can be traumas from the past, for example, the death of loved ones, but also bullying. Addictions in people who have been sexually abused are common, but we also see addictions in people who are powerless over their present lives. Sometimes they are unable to talk about their problems, so they flee from reality in order to forget their problems or pain. Alcohol or drugs can be a way of escaping, but nowadays “gaming” is a popular way for young people to forget their daily worries. The solution is never to run away. A drug rehabilitation centre helps to stop the addiction and to face reality. Together, they will search for solutions to past traumas and solve current problems.

What is a drug rehab centre

A drug rehab centre is a word used for a specialised mental health institution that aims to cure and help with addictions.

How do I get in touch with a drug rehab centre?

You can get in touch with a drug rehabilitation centre either through your doctor or by picking up the phone and calling them yourself. You can go there for all your questions about your addiction and the possible treatments.

There are hardly any waiting lists at an addiction clinic. The first intake can take place very quickly. Here, the problems are examined and the most suitable treatments are determined. The staff at addiction rehabilitation centres are professionals and often know exactly which course of treatment is most suitable for you, but of course, everything takes place in consultation with you.

Treatment at a drug rehab centre

In a drug rehabilitation centre, also known as an addiction centre, you can follow a programme aimed at recovery. Exactly which programme is right for you depends on several factors. How long have you been addicted? What type of addiction do you have? How often do you use? The professionals will, with your input, come up with the best treatment during the intake meeting. Day treatment is possible, but for long-term addictions, full hospitalisation is often the best choice. The aim is to get you out of your own environment so that incentives to give in to your addiction are removed as much as possible.

The treatment consists of individual talks, group discussions and assignments, but there is also room for relaxation. Exercising together is also part of recovery. The first few days will be about stopping the addiction and the associated withdrawal symptoms. Not much later, the underlying problems will be uncovered and treated. In almost all cases, there is an underlying cause that is the reason for the addiction. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove someone completely from their own environment. Many drug rehabilitation centres work together with foreign professionals.

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